May & June 2023

Dear Friends in Christ,
…He that hath two coats, let him impart to him that hath none; and he that hath meat, let him do likewise.       Luke 3:11
Camargo:  Since turning the Iglesia Bíblica Bautista over to a Mexican pastor, it appears they are doing well.  They continue knocking doors and had VBS this week with a high day of 110!  The parents of some of the kids visited on Sunday, the last day!  So several children and adults heard the gospel for the first time!  Lord willing they will continue attending!
     The offerings are meeting their needs and attendances have remained steady. Amen!
My Transition has been a challenge.  I believe it’s culture shock, as I really enjoyed living in Mexico!  It’s been hard no longer starting and pastoring churches, though I know I’m not able to continue in that capacity.  I’m very busy with the new ministry which helps!  Most things in the U.S. cost double what they cost in Mexico, and the faster pace is also difficult.  I’ve also been living with some of my kids while working on a travel trailer to live in until I can get my own place.  So, though it is a blessing to not be so lonely and to enjoy my family, I miss my independence.
Hands to the Work:  The Lord is blessing the ministry to strengthen Mexican churches with doors, windows, pianos, musical instruments, church furniture, etc.!
Two brothers in Christ brought pews, pulpits, pianos, doors and windows that I have stored in a warehouse that First Baptist of Del City, OK is loaning me.  A church near Tulsa donated pews that several men from Eastland Baptist helped me disassemble to haul them.
     My trailer is loaded with 4 sets of pews, windows, doors and a piano for a more than 4,000 mile trip to deliver to 5 different churches, travelling through 7 different Mexican states.  My son Josh and his family are going with me.
     En route, we are going to attend the 25th anniversary celebration of the first church we started; the Iglesia Bautista, Semilla Preciosa in Anáhuac, Chihuahua.  Praise the Lord, that church is doing very well under the leadership of Pastor Eduardo Orozco!
Furlough:  I’ve been able to show my change of ministry to some of the churches that support me in person.  I reported to some in Kansas and a church in Missouri sent 70 double pew chairs for 2 churches to the Navajos in Arizona.  From the end of August through October, I’ll be reporting to churches out east and up into Canada.
Praise: Church and new pastor in Camargo doing well; The Lord’s blessings on my new life and ministry; 25 years of the church in Anáhuac; My supporters!
Prayer: Souls to be saved; My new life; Hands to the Work ministry and souls to be saved because of it; 4,000 mile trip to Mexico; Furlough August – October
Ron Winter
Your Co-laborer, Ministering to Churches in Mexico