October, November and December 2023

Dear Friends in Christ,
O Lord, I beseech thee, let now thine ear be attentive to the prayer of thy servant, and to the prayer of thy servants, who desire to fear thy name: and prosper, I pray thee, thy servant this day…  Nehemiah 1:11
Happy New Year!  When I first got saved in 1976, I heard several messages assuring us that the Lord was coming back way before 2024.  I’m thankful to have opportunities to serve my Lord in another New Year!
    A special thank you to those who sent special Christmas offerings!  They were such a blessing, as I have so many expenses getting relocated.
Furlough:  I drove almost 8,000 miles on my furlough out east, from Arkansas, Alabama, on up into Canada!  It was a blessing that Caleb, my oldest grandson came along to help me!  I was encouraged by my supporting churches, even a couple without a pastor and one changing pastors, staying the course, still seeking to see souls saved through various outreaches.  It was a blessing to get to know them better and to minister to them!  I’m so thankful for churches that faithfully support the “Hands to the Work” ministry! 
Please pray that my support base would increase, so I can make more trips!
“Hands to the Work”:  In December I picked up pews in Missouri, then later that month took them on a 3,200 mile trip to Chihuahua with a piano, pulpit, tables, etc.; final destination Ruiz, Nayarit Mexico.  We took them 45 pews, a piano, pulpit, gospel tracts and several other things, for which they were very thankful.  The young men in the Bible institute jumped in and helped assemble the pews in 2 days!  It was also a blessing to preach in their midweek service!
    Leaving Nayarit, just after passing the city of Durango, Durango, a spring on the trailer broke.  Since the trailer was empty, I disabled that axle and came on to the border.  When the axle broke, it damaged 2 tires, so I’ll need to replace them.  On the way to Oklahoma I bought a spring in Odessa, TX and they let me change it out in their parking lot!  From there, I stopped in Weatherford, TX to pick up some pews and take them to the warehouse in OKC to disassemble and get them ready to haul them to Mexico.
    I gave a ride up to OKC to a man who had hit bottom, and he called on the Lord to save him!
Surgery:  I had a much needed hernia surgery on December 26.  It was supposed to be laparoscopic, but they had to open it up and remove scar tissue, etc. from a previous surgery, so it took over twice as long.  I’m thankful the doctor was thorough, but I can’t lift anything heavier than 10 pounds for 6 weeks!
Praise: Good Christmas and a New Year with new opportunities to serve; Uneventful furlough; Very good trip to Nayarit; Souls saved; God’s provision and protection; Hernia fixed
Prayer: Souls to be saved and God to be glorified through this ministry; Complete recovery
Ron Winter
Your Co-laborer, Ministering to Churches in Mexico